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Diverse Solutions for Neurodiverse Minds

Life is hard, Language helps

HyperFocus Solutions provides diverse and innovative coaching solutions for neurodiverse minds using a natural tool all humans have, language. Our language-based methods address both skill sets and mindsets, helping you "level up" and make breakthroughs. 

Amee L. Wayton, MS, CCC-SLP

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Amee Wayton is a certified Speech Language Pathologist that has more than15 years of experience coaching and teaching a wide range of neurodivergent individuals. She created HyperFocus Solutions in 2016 to offer coaching to adults who need help solving specialized problems that are part of gifted intelligence, multilingualism, ADHD, visual processing disorder, auditory processing disorder and autism spectrum disorder.  Amee employs language based approaches to help neurodivergent adults cope with the issues that are causing them anxiety, stress or indecisiveness that holds them back from moving forward. 

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